Youth Soccer - Winter Session 1

November 19th - January 7th (No Games on Christmas Eve)

Registration Closes November 7th

NEW THIS YEAR - per player pricing to take payment collection burden off of coach

  • U9 to High School Divisions - $98 per player  (Minimum Roster of 10 players)
  • U8 Division - $68 per player (Minimum Roster of 7 players)
  • Schedule Requests should be communicated prior to November 7th (email; - No Re-Schedules will be processed during the season.
  • All players must be entered and registration fees paid prior to the start of the first game.  By registering a team, you accept liability for the minimum team entry fee if players do not register on time.

League Info:

  • 6 regular session games; plus 1 “weather dependent” championship game or consolidation game on the last weekend of session.
    • U8 Teams unseeded all Consolidation Games only, U9+ Championship Game Offered
    • Division with Even # of Teams - Top 2 Seeds = Championship Game, 3 and below = Consolidation
    • Division with Odd # of Teams - Top 3 Seeds = Championship Games, 4 and below = Consolidation
  • Games will run in 1 hour time blocks. Two 25 minute halves with a 2 minute halftime.
  • 7v7 games for U9 and up - 6 field players plus goalkeeper
  • 5v5 games for U8 - 4 field players plus goalkeeper
  • Saturday and/or Sunday Game Schedule for U8-U14 (Younger Teams Early, Older Teams Later), High School Brackets Scheduled on Friday evening with Sunday evening as overflow.

Registration is done via the follow age groups and suggested school grades:

  • U8 (1st and 2nd Grade)
  • U9 (3rd Grade)
  • U10 (4th Grade)
  • U11 (5th Grade)
  • U12 (6th Grade)
  • U13 (7th Grade)
  • U14 (8th Grade)
  • High School (9th-12th Grade)

Wherever possible we will bracket single year age groups unless numbers require a dual bracket.

Program Details

$98 / Player**

  • U8 - 5v5 (4 field players + goalkeeper)
  • U9-HS - 7v7 (6 field players + goalkeeper)
  • All U8 games are 3- 15 minute periods
  • All U9+ games are 2- 25 minute halves
  • 6 regular season games
  • Top 2 teams in each division play in championship match
  • Referee Fees are Included
  • **U8 price is $68 per player**

How will registration work this year with the new per player fee?

Coaches will register their team with no payment due at time of registration.  This will allow you to enter your team into the appropriate division.  From there, we will send coaches a link for players to register to the team.  Players/parents will be responsible for paying their entry fee at time of registration.