RSA Fall Classes

The Roots Soccer Academy fall schedule is out and registration is now open!  Fall classes will run from September 6th - October 22nd.  7 classes per session.  To register, click the time of the class to be brought to our registration page. 

Program Price Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Turf Tykes (3-4)$1654:30pm or 5:30pm5:30pm9:00am
Mighty Kickers (5-6)$165 - $2105:30pm4:30pm4:30pm or 5:30pm10:00am GAMES
Junior Kickers (7-8)$165 - $2106:30pm5:30pm6:30pm11:00 am GAMES
RSA Select (Ages 9-12)$1657:00pm
RSA Select (Ages 13-15)$1657:00pm

Class Descriptions

Kids and parents will take the field together as we learn to kick, pass and dribble.  Our Turf Tykes will participate in exciting games and drills that will kick start their cognitive and motor skill development, build self-esteem and provide a fun and active learning environment to instill a lifelong love for the sport of soccer.

Mighty Kickers will gain their independence as they develop fundamental skills such as controlled dribbling, passing, shooting and receiving; as well as spatial awareness, balance and coordination.  Soccer instruction also teaches valuable social skills like following directions, taking turns, sharing, and peer interaction. With active and positive instruction our Mighty Kickers will gain the self-confidence and tools to grow.  

Join our RSA team with Mighty Kickers PLUS! Programs include one training per week with games every Saturday.

Juniors will continue to develop techniques for dribbling, passing, shooting and receiving. Classes will apply these lessons to organized scrimmages designed to develop skills in a pressure free and developmental setting.  Each class will be a platform for success to encourage students to continue towards higher levels of soccer instruction.

Join our RSA team with Juniors PLUS! Programs include one training per week with games every Saturday.

RSA Select programs will aid in the development of competitive soccer players looking to improve every aspect of their game. With age appropriate drills and skills, RSA select provides an environment for players to learn, grow and succeed. This 7 week program focuses on developing on field decision making, first touch, ball striking, defending and much more to become a complete soccer player.