Indoor Soccer Rules

U7 to U8 Games: Three 15 minute thirds (3mins breaks)
U9 to High School: Two 25 minute halves (5min halftime)
Adult Games: Two 25 minute halves (2min halftime)

All refs MUST keep the schedule on time. Clock only stops for serious injuries. Clock stoppage is at the referees discretion.

Team's are not required to switch sides at half-time to keep the scoreboard displays accurate. 

U7 to U8 Games: 5v5 (includes GK)
U9 to High School: 7v7 (includes GK)
Adult & Co-Ed*: 7v7 (includes GK)

*2 females must be on the field at all times for co-ed

Teams must have 5 players available to play the game. If a team does not have the minimum eligible players, they can borrow from another team but the result will be a 3-0 forfeit in favor of their opponents.

There are no restrictions on the number of subs a team can make. All subs will be "on the fly", this means teams can rotate their players as the game is live. Incoming players must wait on the sideline until they can touch the exiting player.

Shin guards are a MUST, no shin guards no play. First time can be a warning,  if happens again explain to the coach the game can not continue unless player is properly equipped.

Allowed at U12 and older according to USSF rules.

All free kicks will be indirect (IFK), except for penalty kicks. The wall must be 5 yards from the site of the infraction.

The goalkeeper may distribute the ball by drop-kick, roll, throw, or put the ball on the ground and pass it. The goalkeeper is prohibited from punting the ball. Violations result in an indirect free kick awarded to the opposing team from the spot of the infraction.

Any ball that hits the ceiling, Track or any other building component will result in an indirect free kick from the spot where the ball hit the ceiling with the exception of a shot that was going to be a goal kick or corner.  That instance will still result in a GK or CK.

Kick-ins will used to return the ball to play after ball has left field by crossing the touchline.

Slide tackles are NOT permitted and will result in an IDK (indirect free kick)

There is no offsides.

Build Out Lines are in effect for U9 and U10 teams. Click Here for detailed explanation of the Build Out Lines.

Yellow cards result in a 2-minute ban and the player cannot be replaced.

Red Cards result in a player being removed without the option to be replaced.

Red Cards will NOT result in a suspension unless they are awarded for Violent Conduct/Fighting or Referee abuse. These will result in ejection from the game and a 2 game suspension. 


All U7 to U8 games will be recorded as 0-0 - we do not consider this a competitive age group (just for fun!). Referees are responsible for recording (and uploading) the score reports into the US Officials schedule.

No team is to win by more than a 6 goal differential, this includes the score being displayed on the score board and reporting.

If a game is tied at end of regulation time. Game goes directly to PKS - PK spot is the top of the goal box (middle of goal). Only Players on the field at the end of the game may be eligible to take PK's.  Normal FIFA PK Shootout Rules.