Birthday Parties


Welcome to the Roots Athletic Center – the ultimate destination for unforgettable birthday parties! If you're looking for an action-packed celebration that will have everyone talking for weeks, you've come to the right place.

At the Roots Athletic Center, we pride ourselves on providing a thrilling and dynamic indoor sports facility that caters to all ages and interests. Whether your child is a sports enthusiast or simply loves having a blast with friends, our birthday party packages are designed to create lasting memories and endless excitement.


  • 1 Premium Activity
  • Equipment Provided for Basic Activities
  • Up to 15 Participants
  • 1 Hour of Field Time
  • 1 Hr 45 Min of Party Room Access

Premium Plus

  • 3 Premium Activities
  • Equipment Provided for Basic Activities
  • Up to 20 Participants
  • 2 Hours of Field Time & Party Room
  • 1 Hour of Party Facilitation

For larger parties or special events, please contact us for a custom party quote.

Premium Activities



Knockerball is a hilarious and exhilarating experience where participants strap themselves into giant inflatable bubbles and engage in friendly bumping, bouncing, and rolling around the arena. It's the perfect recipe for unforgettable laughs and epic moments.


Gaga Ball

Our Gaga Ball pit is another top-tier option. Dive into the fast-paced, dodgeball-style game that keeps everyone on their toes as they try to avoid being tagged by the ball. With quick rounds and plenty of opportunities to strategize, it's an enthralling and inclusive activity that will keep the adrenaline pumping.


Bounce House

The bounce house is a classic favorite among birthday revelers of all ages. Jump, slide, and bounce to your heart's content in our spacious and safe inflatable. The Bounce House is a delightful addition to any party and offers a fantastic way for children to burn off their energy while having a blast.

Basic Activities

Each birthday party package includes equipment for 2 basic actvities.  Facilitation is not provided for basic activities.  Equipment can be provided for the following activities:

  • Soccer
  • Cornhole
  • Flag Football
  • Kickball
  • Wiffleball
  • Kan Jam

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